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High Bounce Moon Anti Stress Ball | Ball Bouncing Ball for Children (Random Colors)

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  • 【Jump Ball Original】The shape of the moon gives it plenty of room to rotate and burst when it hits the ground, and light moon foam is the most elastic material on earth! Bouncing on any hard surface is fun.
  • 【Creates a sound effect】Due to its high elasticity, the bouncing rubber ball makes a unique sound when it hits the pavement.
  • 【Easy to Grip】With a diameter of 7cm and a weight of only 55g, the ball is lightweight with soft elasticity so you can easily grip and control it.
  • 【High-quality materials】The jump ball is made of high-quality, high-density PU material, which is extremely durable and highly elastic. The Moon Ball can withstand endless jumps and is suitable for sports, indoor and outdoor games.
  • 【Best Gift】The funniest Galaxy Ball ever brings pure joy! The Moon Ball is popular with toddlers, older children and adults alike. Its compact size makes it the perfect gift for children and adults alike.

Matetrial: PU Foam

Color: Red, Yellow, Orange, Pink, Green & Blue (Randomly sent)


  • 6.3cm
  • 7cm

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