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Vintage Edison G95 Spiral Filament Bulb – Each


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Vintage Edison G95 Spiral Filament Bulb. this reproduction Vintage Edison G95 Spiral Filament Bulb is a medium round style at 80mm diameter, with a spiral filament of around 25mm surrounding a central pillar. This Vintage Edison Spherical spiral filament bulb 80mm has 32 anchor points that lock the fragile filament in position over the life of the globe. With its warm amber glow, an Edison light bulb exudes a rustic charm like no other light bulb. This 80mm diameter globe can be used in any E27 bare pendant or any medium shade style to provide a great effect especially in multi pendant arrangements. It is also a perfect size for fixed lamp holder style fittings.

Our vintage incandescent filament globes are specially designed and manufactured for us by specialist suppliers. They are packed in our branded cardboard box with appropriate package systems to maintain filament integrity during transport. A great attention to quality and transport issues results in a bulb with the best chance of arriving to you intact without damage. If this is not the case we will replace under warranty. Vintage filament globes are very fragile and require special handling between our factory and your location. These bulbs can travel all over the world when sold and so we insist on the best packaging and the most reliable carriers to deliver.

These incandescent bulbs are not as efficient or as long lasting as our Vintage LED globes, however they do give an authentic vintage light quality and with dim to zero with no special dimming requirement. Life span can be improved when dimmed but these should continue to work for around 3000 hours. In domestic situations this is guaranteed for 12 months although most last around 3 years. In commercial environments our warranty is 3 months so an LED version may be a better solution.


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Vintage Edison G95 Spiral Filament Bulb – Each
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